Intergrated Health | Phase 1


Location: Kara Region, Togo

Status: Completed

Type: Maternity Ward

People Impacted: clinic serves a population of 30,000 women

Project Manager: Matt Renninger & MJ O'Brien

Change Fellows: Carolyn McGunagle & Ellen Zouras

The Project:

The Adabawere Maternity Ward was completed in October 2017 and includes a one floor addition to the existing Adabawere Clinic, which we are also renovating. The new maternity ward will includes a waiting room, midwife office, hospitalization room (with 8 bed capacity), labor room, delivery room, newborn care room, midwife overnight watch room, birth attendant overnight watch room, and common office.

The second phase of this project, beginning October 2018, will include renovations to the Djamde, Kpindi and Sarakawa clinics, which will include extensive repairs and renovations to the existing structures.

Communities Served:
Integrated Health, in collaboration with their partner organization, Association Espoir pour Demain (AED-Lidaw), and the Government of Togo, provides comprehensive healthcare services to over 1,600 individuals living with HIV/AIDS across 5 health centers in northern Togo. Integrated Health recently expanded their services beyond HIV/AIDS care with the launch of their new Maternal and Child Health Program, which is providing improved maternal and child health services to a population of nearly 30,000 in four communities in the Kozah District of northern Togo.

Increased access to high quality healthcare provided at these four facilities during phase 1 and the next three facilities during phase 2. This was accomplished through increasing utilization rates of these facilities. The Maternity Ward provides patients with care and at least 4 prenatal consultations. The facility increased the number of women have facility-based deliveries from 33% to 85%. Integrated Health emphasizes rigorous monitoring and evaluation processes to ensure high quality care.