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Location: Seattle, Washington

Status: In progress

Type: Interior Remodel 

Expected Impact: 

Project Managers: Taylor Arndt and Jaci Hayden


This is a 30/30 project that consists of renovations and improvements of the support group room. Before, the room was very dark, poorly ventilated, and cramped. With the updates, BABES will be able to host more women.

Project Impact:

This project will provide a safe, welcoming space for the BABES Network to have meetings with peer advocates, host support groups, and provide HIV and self care education. The women will be entering into a safe space where they can share their hurdles and their achievements while living HIV positive. The community in the new support group room will help them feel more supported and less stigmatized by living with HIV.

Project Partners:

BABES Network, Public Health of Seattle and King County, Lifelong AIDS Alliance, Washington State Department of Corrections, King County Juvenile Detention, Center for Multicultural Health, Gay City, SCS- Safe Consumption Sites, Country Doctor, Community Clinic, Harborview Madison and Max Clinics defeatHIV, UWACTU, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Pierce County AIDS Foundation, PNW-Positive Women’s Network


This project will be completed Fall 2018