The communities we work with are often isolated, under resourced and lack basic infrastructure. Help us change this by joining our Brick Club. By becoming a Brick Club member your monthly donation allows us to continue to build schools, healthcare facilities, and other much-needed infrastructure year round.

What is the Impact of your Monthly Gift?


50 dollars per month annually can provide safety gear to an entire crew



100 dollars per month annually can pay an unskilled laborer’s salary for an entire year



250 dollars per month annually can pay to put the roof over an entire primary school


What are the Benefits of Joining?

Exclusive Invites!

You’ll be the first to know about Pints with the PM, Banquet, our Block Party VIP reception, and any other fun CfC events.

Access to Behind the Cf-Scenes!

Be the first to know the latest and greatest from CfC!  Whether it’s an early peek at our Annual Report, or a chance to hear firsthand from our Change Fellows, we want you to be part of it all.

Thank you to our Brick Club members…

Zachary Archer | Johannes Ariens | Thomas Bartleman | Dior Biancofiori | Steven Birnbaum

 Lauren Blier | Jennifer Bodvar | Shane & Jennifer Carlson | Sinae Cheh | Angie Coles | Shaun Danielson

 Jaydee Dodd | Michael & Anna Eney | Elaine Erwin | Angela Estey | William Fort | Elijah Grindstaff

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