Build Partners

Professional organizations across the full construction sector spectrum that could provide services related to multiple projects.

Rendering for the Optimize Health Clinic in Raghogarh, India by D4O

Rendering for the Optimize Health Clinic in Raghogarh, India by D4O

Rendering for the Optimize Health Clinic in Raghogarh, India by D4O

Rendering for the Optimize Health Clinic in Raghogarh, India by D4O


What does a Build Partner do?

Construction for Change builds world-class facilities where people can exchange information, discuss ideas, and access life-improving services. As a business in the US, you provide this service to people in the Seattle area or across the states, every day.

In partnership with Construction for Change, you can change lives in some of the most impoverished and oppressed places in the world.  As a Build Partners you have the option to collaborate on selected global projects as well as participate on local or regional projects.

We are looking for companies, ranging from architectural, structural, civil and environmental engineering firms, general contractors, and MEP contractors to provide pro-bono or low-bono services related to one or more projects of CfC.


You have the opportunity to play a critical role in delivering services around the globe.


How Does It Work?

  1. Project Innovation

    • Our collaborators are thought leaders from across the field and help to ensure CfC projects are always forward-thinking and to the highest standard.

  2. Remote Teamwork

    • You don’t need to live or work in proximity to our Seattle, WA headquarters. As a global organization, we use technology to work across city, state, and country borders to get the job done.

  3. Idea Sharing

    • We believe we are only as good as the people, and ideas, that we surround ourselves with. By promoting transparency and idea sharing, we aim to challenge ourselves and others to conduct generative conversations about the work we do, on the regular.


"We selected CfC as one of our strategic partners because we feel that it is a perfect and complimentary match of our skill sets. They do a stellar job at project management in-country – helping to successfully execute projects. Together, we are able to do great work that neither one of us would have the capacity to develop on our own." -Warren Hendrickson, Public Health Director for HDR



"We find it imperative to support communities in construction beyond their own backyard. Since its inception, Union Bay has made a conscious effort to donate in a variety of ways to Construction for Change – through lending, general contracting, civil development, and more. The Union Bay team is proud to be involved and invest in this important vehicle for change within the construction industry." -Union Bay Investments


Interested in becoming a Build Partner? Let us know!

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