Meet Cecilia


Change Fellow

Cecilia Melendez Valera grew up in Honduras, one of the poorest countries in Central America. Cecilia lived with her mother and was the oldest of her four siblings. As a child Cecilia loved math and knew that someday she wanted to become an architect. As one of the top students in her class Cecilia’s teachers encouraged her to become an engineer.

Growing up in a very economically poor country is what drove Cecilia into her profession today. In Honduras Cecilia has worked with Feed the Children as an infrastructure coordinator. She has been in charge of making physical improvements to feeding centers in 18 communities around the country of Honduras.

Cecilia decided at a young age that she wanted to use her career knowledge and focus her efforts towards the service of others. Cecilia was researching ways to help out elsewhere in the world when she came across the Construction for Change website. Cecilia reached out via email and soon after was assigned a project in the Dominican Republic called I Love Baseball.

Cecilia and her partner Mary, who is also a construction manager recently arrived on site and are preparing to begin construction soon. For now Cecilia and her team are becoming acquainted with the children living near the site and getting to know the culture.