Partnerships with nonprofit organizations serving the greater Seattle area.

CfC is currently accepting applications for CfC:local projects that will begin after the first quarter of 2017.

“We feel so fortunate to be the recipients of such a gift…I feel that the students and families as well as me, felt such a sense of pride in making our school a better place for all to see. One of my most fond memories is that of community members/neighbors that came by to “see what we were doing” they had not seen such an event at Dearborn in the many years they have been in the community. CfC went ABOVE and BEYOND my expectations. I was not sure what to expect but I was completely overwhelmed!  What a fun day!”

Angela Bogan

Principal, Dearborn Park International School


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What is CfC:local?

As the Seattle and surrounding areas continue to experience tremendous growth in population and industry, the need for programs and services dedicated to alleviating poverty increases as well.  At Construction for Change, we recognize our capacity to work with organizations providing these resources, to meet those needs. We encourage you to scroll for further details and the CfC:local partner application.

University District Youth Center, a part of Youthcare, received much-needed upgrades to their drop-in center, including this “living room”, the kitchen, client bathroom, and staff offices.

New hardwood floors, plaster and a paint job, bathroom vanity and a flat screen TV all make this room the place to be during drop-in hours.

How does it work?

At the cornerstone to our model is a commitment to listening to our partners and providing services to fill their self-identified needs. Nonprofits apply on our website for construction management, financial grants, and volunteer recruitment.  Construction for Change reviews applications and selects partners on a rolling basis.

Who is eligible?

We are seeking local organizations who have a proven track record of success within their communities.

  • Organization must prove a level of sustainability.
  • Organization must have a strong track record of positive impact in their community(s).
  • The organization must own their buildings or have at least a 5 year lease.
  • Must prove their ability to upkeep building improvements.
  • Projects must take place in King County & unincorporated King County.

What does a CfC:local project look like?

  • Renovation, remodel and repair
  • Landscaping and cleanup
  • Sustainability and environmental improvement projects
  • Infrastructure improvements and upgrades