Change Fellowship

This innovative fellowship provides underrepresented construction leaders with practical training, mentoring and international field experience.

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We created the Change Fellowship program to help address the increasing under representation of women and minorities in management positions in the construction industry. While management positions in construction are increasing due to large- scale public and private investments in infrastructure, women and minorities are largely missing from the equation – in the United States, only 15% of construction managers are minorities and 6% are women.

If buildings are primarily designed and built by a narrow segment of society, we are missing out on the innovative solutions that women and minorities can bring to this field. Today, their talents are needed more than ever.

The Change Fellowship promotes development by sending underrepresented construction leaders alongside an experienced Project Manager to manage projects worldwide. By equipping Fellows with managerial skills and unique experiences abroad, we give them an edge in the job market and grow the number of women and minorities working in the management ranks of construction and related fields.

How does it work?

Training. After a selective application process, Fellows undergo a three months series of technical, managerial, and language training to oversee construction projects in their project placement. We partnered with the University of Washington to help us design and execute this rigorous training program.

Internship Abroad. Fellows are then co-assigned projects throughout the world. They will serve in the field for six to 12 months and are exposed to building challenges far more intense than those encountered in the U.S. Fellows will have to execute cross-cultural critical thinking skills miles away from home. Fellows will learn to work with and train people of different backgrounds.

Mentoring. Fellows develop local connections here as well. They will meet regularly with industry mentors who will help them navigate their career path, network, and ultimately, help secure a management position in the burgeoning construction industry.

Who can apply to be a Fellow?

As a minimum requirement, Fellows must be:

  • Under the age of 35 (at the time of their application)
  • A graduate of a four-year degree in Construction Management, Engineering or Architecture program before serving abroad (current students can apply if they will graduate the same year)
  • OR, candidate has worked as an apprentice or journeyman with at least four years’ experience before serving abroad

While the program will not be exclusive to women and minorities, preference is given to qualified individuals who show a need based on race, gender and/or income holding all other factors equal.


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