Construction in the Cape Flats community is about to begin! Our newest Change Fellows Adrienne Johnson and Morgan Abbett are embarking on CfC’s newest construction endeavor at Parkwood Primary School, a local school in the Cape Flats. The pair will be working as project managers to repair and extend onto the school’s defunct technology centre.

The Cape Flats community is crippled by extreme poverty, crime, violence, and an inadequate education system. The Parkwood Primary School serves over 500 children in this struggling community. The school is one of the few that can accommodate the large number of students in need of a primary school education, which nearly 30% of people in the community do not receive. Although progress has been made, the students who attend Parkwood Primary School score within the lowest quarter of the country on literacy, numeracy and many other subjects.

Adrienne and Morgan have partnered with Stanford University as well as the nonprofit, Bottom Up, who have previously implemented a successful program at the school aimed to increase literacy rates among 3rd graders. Through this partnership, Adrienne and Morgan are encouraged that they can lead construction efforts for a new and fully functioning technology facility at Parkwood Primary School. This facility will allow access for the development of programming and educational resources once unavailable to the school.

Both Morgan and Adrienne are passionate about creating a space for these students so that they have the freedom to learn and to develop their skills. The women are anticipating the commencement of construction and the day that the lab may begin to have the impact they have imagined in their minds eye.



Morgan received her Bachelors of Science in Environmental Engineering and Science at Stanford in 2014. She decided to pursue her passion further and in 2015 earned a Masters of Science. Global health, science and education are some of Morgan’s many interests.


Adrienne earned her Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering at Stanford in 2014. During her undergraduate career, Adrienne received a MAP Sustainable Energy Fellowship to work at the U.S. Green Council Building in Washington D.C. Adrienne then went on to pursue a Masters in Sustainable Design and Construction at Stanford in 2015. After this project, she will be returning to a position as an engineer at Point Energy Innovations.