Cura Secondary School


Location: Cura, Kenya

Status: Complete

Budget & Size: $75,000; 4,000 SF

Type: Secondary School

People Impacted: 5,300

Project Manager: William Fort

Located outside of Nairobi, Kenya Cura Orphanage has served children orphaned by AIDs with great love and care. In 2010 the Cura Orphanage organization and Creative Visions Foundation saw a greater need for education in the area, specifically surrounding secondary schooling (high school).  At this point they set out to expand the primary education they were providing to build and operate a secondary school to serve the local population.  With their reputation and connections in the local community they are a natural fit to provide education at the secondary level.

Construction for Change partnered with Cura and Creative Vision to advise on, design, and build a secondary school which houses 150-200 kids. On top of providing secondary education, the building is also a center for operations for evening and weekend programs and after school classes centered around vocation training.

Cura Orphanage

Creative Visions Foundation