Dandelion Africa

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Location: Kenya, Africa

Status: In Progress

Type: Maternity Ward

People Impacted: 6,000+ 

The Project:
This is a 30/30 project, building a new facility that will reduce the instances of maternal and infant mortality attributed to at home deliveries and lack of necessary facilities. The maternity ward will serve 6,000 patients annually.

Why: 6 out of every 10 women in Mogotio and Soin Ward deliver at home. Additionally, 1 in 42 women in Kenya die during childbirth. The cultural setback and lack of facilities contribute to the number of maternal and infant mortality in the area.

At the renovated clinic and new maternity ward, Dandelion will offer services including HIV counseling, testing and medication, immunizations, and family planning services. The new facility that #NoMomLeftBehind is raising money for will allow the community access to reproductive health services, including delivery and neonatal care.

Project Partners: 

Dandelion Africa, the Ministry of Health


This project is currently raising funds through the 30/30 No Mom Left Behind 2018 campaign!