EKARI Building


Location: Phalombe, Malawi

Status: Complete

Budget & Size: $60,000

Type: Community Center

People Impacted (projected): 4,250

Project Manager:  Malia Waters

The EKARI Foundation is a community based non-profit organization that operates in the Southern region of Malawi, Africa. We partnered with them in 2014 in order to participate in and help carry out their vision to “empower students with education and their communities with sustainable livelihoods in order for students and communities to empower future generations.” In order to do this, we are building a community building, where the EKARI Foundation can carry out the several programs they have created in order to help better educate the people of Malawi.

The building is an asset to the community and include an office for the administrative staff, as well as three classrooms, which accommodate Tutoring, Health Education & HIV/AIDS Awareness, Computer, University Coaching, Adult Literacy, and Sustainable Livelihoods Programs. When the classrooms are not in use, they are available to the whole community for purposes such as meetings. EKARI has also included two office spaces in the building that are rented out for professional use; the money received covers all utility and maintenance costs of the building.