Get Involved


We invite you to get involved with Construction for Change. We Welcome All levels of engagement and we encourage you to explore the many opportunities and ways to connect.


Become a Partner



Global or domestic organizations that have outgrown their current facilities or want to expand their services and are seeking  construction management services.


Professional organization across the full construction sector spectrum that could provide services related to multiple projects.

Corporate and
Philanthropic Partner

Corporate and philanthropic partners committed to funding the growth and impact of Construction for Change.




Become a Project

Opportunity for those with experience in project management, construction trades, construction management, architecture, civil, structural and MEP engineering to oversee a project.

Apply for a Change

Opportunity for young and underrepresented construction leaders with practical training, mentoring to gain international field experience. 

Conduct a
Pre-Construction TriP

Conduct a pre-construction trip to obtain key information for the design and ensure success for the completion of the future project.


Join a Strategic
Impact Team

Join one of our Strategic Teams to contribute to growth and impact of Construction for Change.

Contribute your
professional skill set

Contribute to a project by offering your design and technical skills.

Become an

Opportunity for college or graduate students to gain work experience and directly contribute to CfC.


Job Opportunities

Please review our Job Opportunities page on our website for open positions we may have available.