HELGA School Kitchen

helga2-1080x675 (1).jpg

Location: Kajiado, Kenya

Status: Completed

Budget & Size: $29,500 & 700 sq ft

Type: Kitchen & Storage

People Impacted: 85+ students

Local Project Manager: Steven

HELGA is a project that aims to rescue young Massai girls who come from a background of abuse, child-marriage and other traumatic circumstances. The HELGA school is home to 71+ young girls who live in dorms there and have the opportunity to learn in a safe environment. HELGA students are provided with personal care items, counseling, food (throughout the year), and education on human rights. Many of these young girls have moved on to attend university and even obtained government jobs.

We partnered with the HELGA school (Humanitarian Efforts for the Learning of the Girl-Child in Africa) and Lift Up Africa to construct a new kitchen for the HELGA school. This new facility is able to provide the staff and students with safe and nutritious meals and acts as a community gathering center for the town of Kajiado.

The project was recently completed. More pictures showing the final project will be available soon!