Jagriti Vihara’s Hospital for Hope


Location: Jharkhand, India

Status: Complete

Budget & Size: $93,000.00; 3,000 SF

Type: Clinic

People Impacted: 90,000

Project Managers: Mert Meeker and Martha Kerr

Architects: Kit & Samantha Kollmeyer

Located in Jharkhand, India, Jagriti Vihara works with the community to improve education, health and hygiene, income generation, watershed development, and agriculture development.

Construction for Change partnered with Jagriti Vihara and Hospital for Hope (HFH) to build a medical clinic that services a population of over 90,000. The hospital provides a much-needed health clinic in the area, the ability to improve health and hygiene awareness, a place to train new and current staff members in service related to health issues, and helps to implement health camps in surrounding villages.

The building is 3,000 sq. ft. with a capacity to host 10 in-patients and medical staff to treat 35-50 patients a day.  From the time the hospital opened in the summer of 2013 through December 2014, over 7,000 patients have been seen, One thousand patients alone during the month of November (2014).  Major health issues in the immediate geographic area disproportionately affect woman and children, which is the target population for many hospital programs.

For further information about Jagriti Viharta and HFH please visit their website, Hospital for Hope