Kizimani Clinic


Location: Kangundo, Kenya

Status: Completed

Type: HIV/AIDS Healthcare Clinic

People Impacted (corrected): 35,000

Project Manager: Tim & Robyn Pham

This building now serves thousands of people in a community that lacked basic medical care. Kangundo is home to over 35,000 people, many of whom are young children with relatively young parents and caregivers, and widows who have been impacted by HIV/AIDs, other communicable diseases, and poverty.

The project was designed with sensitivity towards the social fabric and culture of the region by creating a large shaded gathering area that encourages public interaction while providing privacy for the patients.  The plan is divided into four exam rooms, storage room and a covered gathering area.  The floor is concrete, the main structure is steel and the walls are made from hand-made bricks-all materials found locally, and typically used in construction.  The project was designed to promote natural ventilation through building for cooling, with large overhangs to provide shade for those waiting.

We are proud to say that this project was completed under-budget and will stand strong for the next 30 years (minimum!).