Limulunga Community School


Location: Limulunga, Zambia

Status: Complete

Budget & Size: $150,000; 7,000 SF

Type: School

People Impacted: 3,650

Project Managers: Tyler Nelsen, Eric Hardie, Dan Wachtler, & Kyle Parrish

Located just outside of Mongu, Limulunga Community School has been providing free education for the community since 2002. The Zambian government’s educational curriculum is the basis for academics at the community school. This includes Social Studies, Community Studies, Creative and Technology Studies, English, Numeracy, Silozi (local language), and Literacy. The school is run by headmistress Mbuywana Mbukusita-Lewanika. There are around 560 students currently enrolled, mostly from ages 5 to 18. There are 16 full time teachers that cover grades K-7.

The school that was built replaced the facilities that were previously in use, allowing the school to meet the growing needs for education in the community. The completed school now provides space to educate over 700 kids annually in grades k-12. Outside of education, the new facility has also provided a significant improvement to the current sanitary conditions. The design was carefully created in order to make use of an on site well and septic system, which offers running water and working toilets.