Mentee Educational Foundation


Location: Kakata, Liberia

Status: Complete

Budget & Size: $45,000.00; 2,400 SF

Type: School

People impacted: 6,050

Project Manager: Justin Pratt, Tim Hickory

Architect: Jill Cohn

Located in Kakata, Liberia, The Mentee Education Foundation is committed to providing the next generation of Liberian children a progressive and comprehensive education.  Liberia suffered from a long period of civil unrest and is now has many children without a school to attend.  Antoinette Brewster, the foundation founder and director, grew up in the Kakata area and has an intimate understanding of the communities needs.

Construction for Change partnered with Mentee Educational Foundation to design and build a school located in Kakata, Liberia. The initial four classrooms were built to have the capacity to serve 150-200 students and focus on early education. Upon completion, the Mentee Educational Foundation repurposed this facility to serve as a community education and literacy center.