Construction for Change partners with nonprofit organizations to build spaces where people can become healthier, better educated, and increase economic mobility.



 Core Values

Our values are the characteristics that we commit to as individuals and as an organization to develop a culture that delivers our mission and executes ON our vision. 



By leveraging the work of our volunteers and world-class design and architectural firms, we provide opportunities for people to access health services, education, or economic opportunities.


We forgo short-term gains that could hinder greater success in the long-term.


We are motivated by social impact over financial profit. We only pursue work that aligns with our mission-driven priorities.


We discern what resources are available to deliver the greatest impact at the least cost.


We honor the dignity of people, and strive to understand the context in which we build.


We expect results. We monitor our projects and the benefits they bring to communities. We share this information so that we can learn and improve.