Empowering developing communities by partnering to build critical infrastructure that promotes education, healthcare and economic empowerment.




Because buildings can transform lives, Construction for Change provides construction management to under-resourced communities that have identified the need for a building to house their critical work. We do this through partnerships with nonprofits, by leveraging our vast networks of volunteers, tapping into our resources and expertise, and transferring industry standards and best practices.

Why infrastructure?

An organization’s ability to make an impact in their community is directly affected by the infrastructure they have at their disposal.  Here’s why:

  • Global populations are increasing at exponential rates; new infrastructure is required to keep up with growing demand for education, healthcare and social services (citiscope)
  • Current infrastructure in communities we build for is often unsafe and insufficient, if it exists at all (World Bank).
  • Government budgets, the traditional source of funding for infrastructural projects we build, has dramatically decreased in recent years, leaving a significant gap in resources. For example, Uganda’s government spending decreased by 4% in just three years (2011-2014), while Malawi saw a decrease of almost 6% during the same period. 

How do we do it?

We partner with community-based NGO’s to develop infrastructure and we recruit professional volunteers to manage these projects.  These volunteers train and employ local workers and source local materials, allowing for significant investment in the regional economy.  We provide pro bono design and comprehensive project management through our network of expert volunteers and Change Fellows.  The resulting strong, sustainable, environmentally sound facilities help to break the cycle of poverty.

Where do we build?

We build where there is need.  Across the globe.

Who do we build for?

We partner with other NGO’s worldwide who are promoting change in their communities by addressing gaps in education, healthcare and economic opportunity.  These are organizations doing critical work, and they often lack the construction expertise and financial resources to invest in infrastructure needed to grow and expand the services they offer.  We help these organizations build capacity without sacrificing program and mission delivery.   For more information about applying to be a Project Partner, click here.