One Acre Fund


Location: Bungoma, Kenya

Status:  Complete

Budget & Size:  $175,000; 6 Buildings, 8000 SF

Type:  Office, Dorms, Educational Space

People Impacted: 320,600

Project Managers:  Dave Betts & Connor Dinnison

Architects: Kit & Samantha Kollmeyer

Located in Bungoma, Kenya, One Acre Fund was created to empower East African families so they can overcome poverty and hunger.  One Acre Fund has successfully tripled their clients agricultural yield through agricultural education, providing material capital, creating harvest markets, and insuring crops.  The One Acre Fund office complex will provide additional office and educational space as well as allow One Acre Fund to centrally locate their in country operations.

One Acre Fund increased their clientele from around 12,000 Kenyans, mostly women, to around 33,000 over a period of two years. On their own, they procured $100,000 for this project, enough funding for phase one. Construction for Change partnered with One Acre Fund and provided remaining project funds, design, and construction management.

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