Partners in Health Clinic


Location: Neno District of Malawi

Status: Completed

Budget & Size: $158,000

Type: Health Clinic

People Impacted (projected): 20,000

Project Manager: Tyler Weinbrecht, Marco Olivera

This health center, built for Partners in health in the Neno District of Malawi, includes a lab, dispensary, treatment and consultation facilities and office space. Additionally, support facilities are required for the remote nature of this region. Boreholes and pumps to provide running water and solar systems have been added, as they are needed because the area is off the national power grid.

The facility addresses the need for free, basic primary care in Nsambe, lowering the barrier of access. There is no other public facility in this impoverished region.

Key programs include treatment and prevention for complex diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis, and drug-resistant tuberculosis, as well as initiatives to treat and prevent malaria, reduce maternal mortality rates through family planning and antenatal care, and treat childhood malnutrition.