Conduct a Pre-Construction Trip 

CfC conducts a pre-construction trip for each upcoming project. The focus of these trips is to obtain applicable information for the design and ensure success for the completion of the project.


A Pre-Con trip is great opportunity to contribute to Construction for Change if you:

  • Have a background in the construction trade
  • Have a limited amount of time to travel
  • Are experienced in architecture, engineering or construction project management

You do need to have the financial means to pay for your travel expenses and/or fundraise for the cost of the trip. Average trip cost is $2500 (including airfare.) The site assessment and information gathering portion of pre-construction trips can be completed in 1 week.

Volunteers are invited to extend their trip past the 1 week pre-con period to allow for vacation/travel while in country. If this sounds like a good fit, apply below!


Want to learn more before applying? 

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