Contribute Your Professional Skill Set

You have the opportunity to play a critical role in delivering services around the globe!

Construction for Change is seeking individuals who are trained architectural, structural, civil and environmental engineering firms, to donate their professional skills to one or more projects of CfC. Volunteering allows you to get involved by contributing your time, energy, and talents to improve people’s lives.

How Does It Work?

  1. Project Innovation

    • Our collaborators are thought leaders from across the field and help to ensure CfC projects are always forward-thinking and to the highest standard.

  2. Remote Teamwork

    • You don’t need to live or work in proximity to our Seattle, WA headquarters. As a global organization, we use technology to work across city, state, and country borders to get the job done.

  3. Idea Sharing

    • We believe we are only as good as the people, and ideas, that we surround ourselves with. By promoting transparency and idea sharing, we aim to challenge ourselves and others to conduct generative conversations about the work we do, on the regular.


Interested in contributing? Let us know!

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