Dearborn Park Elementary
Partner Organization: Dearborn Park International Elementary School
Type: School Rehabilitation
Budget: $2,000
People Impacted: 350 students per year
Project Managers: William Fort and Zachary Archer

EKARI Educational Center
Partner Organization: EKARI Foundation
Type: Educational Center
Budget: $58,000.00
People Impacted: 4,250 individuals
Status: Under Construction
Project Manager: Malia Waters
Architect: Corey Wright

Partners in Health Clinic
Partner Organizations: Partners in Health (PIH) and Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo (APZU)
Type: Clinic
Budget: $158,000
People Impacted: 20,000
Status: Under Construction
Project Managers: Marco Olivera and Tyler Weinbrecht

Cura Secondary School
Organization: Cura Orphanage
Project: Secondary School
Status: Completed 2012
Budget: 67,000
Project Manager: William Fort

ACE Africa
Project Partner: ACE Africa
Location: Bungoma, Kenya
Project Type: ICT training, HIV/AIDS testing & office
Budget: $72,000
Project Manager: Zoe Carter
Architect: Justin Lawless
Status: Completed December 2013

USMRF School
Project Partner: US Marine Raider Foundation
Site Location: Tulagi Island, Solomon Islands
Project Type: School
Budget: $125,000
Project Manager: James Lloyd, Reeves International
Status: Completed December 2013

Mentee Educational Foundation
Location: Kakata, Liberia
Type: Community Center
Budget: $45,000.00
Status: Completed 2012
People impacted: 6,050
Project Managers: Justin Pratt, Tim Hickory
Architect: Jill Cohn

MED 25 Clinic
Partner Organization: MED25
Status: Under Construction
Budget & Size: $320,000;  2 Buildings, 3,300 SF
Type: Phase 1: Mortuary; Phase 2: Clinic
People Impacted (projected): 60,500
Project Manager: Terry Green, Mari Anderson

U District Food Bank
Location: Seattle, USA
Status: Completed in 2010
Budget: $9,000
Type: Food Bank
People Impacted: 165,000
Project Managers: Andy Marshall & RW Anderson
Architecture: First Lamp

Limulunga School
Location: Limulunga, Zambia
Status: Completed 2010
Budget & Size : $150,000
Type: School
People Impacted: 3,650
Project Managers: Dan Wachtler, Tyler Nelsen, Eric Hardie, & Kyle Parrish

STEP School
Location: Kampong Cham, Cambodia
Status: Completed
Budget & Size: $52,000; 2,800 SF
Type: School
People Impacted: 2,650
Project Manager: Dan Wachtler

JV Hopsital for Hope
Location: Jharkhand, India
Status: Complete
Budget & Size: $93,000.00; 3,000 SF
Type: Clinic
People Impacted: 90,000
Project Managers: Mert Meeker and Martha Kerr
Architects: Kit & Samantha Kollmeyer

One Acre Fund
Location: Bungoma, Kenya
Status: Completed in 2011
Budget: $175,000
Type: Agricultural Center
People Impacted: 320,600
Project Managers: Dave Betts & Connor Dinnison
Architects: Kit & Sam Kollmeyer