Supplementary Teaching Educational Program (STEP)


Location: Kampong Cham, Cambodia

Status: Completed

Budget & Size:  $52,000; 2,800 SF

Type: School

People Impacted: 2,650

Project Manager:  Dan Wachtler

Located in Kampong Cham, Cambodia, STEP works with the public school system to improve infrastructure and supply supplemental income for school teachers so they don’t have to take on a second job.

Construction for Change partnered with STEP in order to raise funds and provide construction management for a kindergarten building to be added to the Lveate school campus. Prior to this project, kindergarten options were limited to a cramped space for no more than 50 children at a time in the Meanchey District. With the completion of the new school building, they were able to add a third kindergarten teacher and increase the capacity of kindergarten students to 200.

For further information about STEP and the partnership with Construction for Change visit the link below;