Construction for Change has established four Strategic Teams to guide the work of our strategic plan. We are actively inviting new members who are interested in offering a skill or a passion to join our teams or contribute with more task-based projects.


Community Capacity Team

The Community Capacity Team defines, regulates and drives the why and how CfC serves its partners and responsibly stewards strategic partnerships that CfC is entrusted by its supporters to foster and grow. This process will allow CfC to grow 4x over the next three years and ensure that everything we do is driven by our core values.

Tasks range from:

  • Implement accessible and sustainable design standards across all projects

  • Build a scalable and robust project management training and construction worker certification program

  • Deliver an adaptable safety program

  • Formalized process at each project turnover

  • Implementation of CfC’s first construction M&E program.

Organizational Capacity Team

The Organizational Capacity Team provides CfC a solid operations core that is designed and built to expand with the projected growth of CfC strategic partnerships over the next three years.

We will define staffing and volunteer model, design and implement project cost model, fee revenue model implemented, construction project screening and pipeline projection tools implemented.

Strategic Partnerships Team

This team will lead directly to securing the long term strategic partnerships for CFCs growth and sustainability. This will enable CFC to move to a 1:10 partner to project ratio and a fee for service model outlined in CFC’s three- year growth plan.

We will establish a prioritized list and defined process and decision criteria for the selection of strategic partners for CfC.

Grow The Funding Team

For us to increase our impact, we must increase and diversify our funding, while cultivating and creating new relationships with individuals, businesses, foundations, and associations.

We will establish an actionable and clear plan which identifies and engages donors representing a diverse set of funding streams for the purpose to grow and sustain revenues for CfC.

If you're interested in joining a Strategic Team, let us know!

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