Below are just a few stories from the many lives we've touched throughout our projects. 

We are so grateful to be able to serve such amazing communities. 

Med 25

“This project has actually brought good healthcare to this society, it has attracted so many employment opportunities. Personally I have been employed here, if not for CfC I wouldn’t get the chance to serve this society in this particular community and that is why we want to give a BIG thank you to the CfC for the wonderful job they are doing in our society.”

- Luculas, Med 25

Kizimani Mission Clinic

“The CFC project managers developed such great relationships with the people the clinic was going to serve, that when they left the entire community came to bid them farewell with lots of tears. Their attention to detail and quality has made this small clinic a standard for other construction projects.”

- Local

Mentee Educational Foundation

“Thanks to our building we are able to provide schooling to 300 Liberian students who otherwise struggled to get an education, many of our students are orphans due to the ebola crisis.”

- Antoinette Brewster, Founder & President Mentee Education Foundation



Flying Kites

“I have been very excited to have CfC who have sent  such a qualified person like Steve to actually help us to achieve our dream. It is some important to have the right buildings, resources, and this has been made possible by Steve. Not only has Steve worked with the community but he’s been apart and personal with the community. Making an effort to understand our culture to actually show the people that they too can grow, be better and have seen them learn and come up with the most beautiful buildings here” - Educationist, Flying Kites

Intergrated Health

“We are so fortunate to have been able to partner with CfC over the past two years. Together we have renovated 4 health clinics in Togo and built 1 maternity ward from the ground up. Through our partnership with CfC we have been able to ensure that the quality of our buildings matches the quality of care that is delivered inside their walls.”

- Jenny Schecter, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Integrate Health

Women's Protection Center Nepal

"There is going to be more rooms for children so we can bring in more children that need a safe home from the community and provide food, shelter, and education for them as well."

- Volunteer (30 months)