Puget Sound based NGO Construction for Change launches domestic program in Seattle to Help Homeless Youth & Young Adults

University District Youth Center receiving much needed renovations for the first time in 25 years

Seattle, WA (Dec. 12, 2015) — Just in time for the holidays, the University District Youth Center (UDYC) in Seattle will receive much-needed upgrades to its drop-in center for homeless youth and young adults with help from local non-profit Construction for Change (CfC). Chosen as the inaugural project partner for the new CfC:local program, UDYC will get revamped facilities with a new kitchen, upgraded bathroom and drop-in area, new flooring, and a fresh coat of paint in all service areas.


“Each of these improvements carries immense significance to the service that UDYC provides their clients,” said UDYC Case Manager Nick McDowell. “The 300 homeless youth who pass through our doors each month have very few, if any, other safe places where they can rest away from the day to day struggle of homelessness. This is it. The kitchen where their daily meal is cooked , the bathroom where they will shower, and the drop-in room where for just a few hours they can let their guard down; these are critical places we need maintained in order to keep them safe.”


McDowell continued, “UDYC is a safe place where these young people get connected to the services to meet their basic needs. The quality of UDYC’s facilities is a direct reflection on how well we are able to serve these homeless young people and how much our society cares. CfC:local’s facility improvements will have a direct positive impact on the young people accessing our services every single day.”


“Construction for Change is honored to serve our community and bring together a team of local construction leaders to create a better place for homeless youth,” said CfC Executive Director, Kelsey Woods. “We are excited to see how a transformed space will also transform the lives and futures of these young adults.”


The renovations will allow the staff at UDYC to more effectively serve their clients, providing homeless youth with a safe place to go during the day and helping them on the path to leading full and productive lives. Seven local companies stepped up to partner with Construction for Change to provide the renovation, including; Howard S. Wright, SMACNA Western Washington, Lydig Construction, Constructive Element, Custom Interiors, MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions, and Skis Painting.



“Construction for Change is only able to do this work because of the overwhelming support we have received from our partners in the Seattle construction industry. When we asked each of these companies to join us, we heard yes after yes. Thousands of dollars in material and labor hours have been donated from these companies to see the project through, and in the end – yes – our goal has been achieved,” said CfC Director of Operations Tim Hickory.


About Construction for Change


Construction for Change is a non-profit construction company. CfC provides social justice-seeking non-governmental organizations in developing countries with comprehensive construction management at low-to-no cost so that they can continue to focus on delivering their mission. CfC leverages a vast network of professional volunteers – from construction to engineering to architecture – to accomplish this critical work.


Construction for Change was founded in 2007 by three University of Washington Construction Management graduates who witnessed firsthand the lack of safe infrastructure in developing countries. The first project took place in Zambia, where the (then) US Ambassador had identified a need for more school buildings. Completed projects since have included office facilities for One Acre Fund in Kenya, a health clinic for Partners in Health in Malawi, and a primary school in the Solomon Islands.   CfC recently broke ground on health clinics in Madyha Pradesh, India and in the Bududah District of Uganda.


In 2015, CfC launched CfC:local. As the Seattle and surrounding areas continue to experience tremendous growth in population and industry, the need for programs and services dedicated to alleviating poverty increases as well. CfC recognized their capacity to work with organizations providing these resources and launched CfC:local to meet those needs here at home.


Learn more at www.constructionforchange.org


About University District Youth Center


UDYC is a non-profit organization serving homeless youth and young adults ages 13-22. UDYC’s mission is to help homeless youth and young adults exit homelessness and live healthy, productive lives. UDYC offers comprehensive programming that assists clients in breaking away from street life and homelessness. Services include daily meals, basic needs and hygiene items, case management, support with accessing housing and education resources, mental health counseling, medical care, and more.


Learn more at www.ccsww.org/udyc