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Building safe, sustainable infrastructure for nonprofits across the world. We believe by allowing these organizations to focus on providing access to healthcare, education and economic opportunity, together, we can end global poverty.

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By choosing to support Construction for Change, you are choosing to help build facilities that will change the lives of thousands of people.  Your donation will quite literally lay the foundation upon which together, with our partners, we will build and then open doors to better education, better healthcare, and more opportunities for economic growth.

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We are accepting applications for 2015.  We build infrastructure, but the true measurement of our impact is how the community utilizes that facility to address poverty.  Our partners are organizations who are changing circumstances by increasing access to healthcare, education, and economic opportunity in some of the poorest regions of the world.

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Where does the money go?

Your $200 gift may purchase the materials needed to bring electricity to a secondary school for the first time. This allows for better teaching and an enhanced learning environment for students eager to obtain an education.  A gift of $140 can pay a month’s fair wages to a local team member hired to build with CfC.  This ensures when we leave a project site, it’s not just our partners and their constituents who benefit, it truly is the whole community. These are just a few examples.  Whether your interest is in tertiary education, primary care for young families or vocational training for women – rest assured our team is identifying effective partner organizations spearheading high-impact projects across the globe.

Number of lives positively impacted by facilities built by Construction for Change.

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