Flying Kites


Location: Njabini, Kenya

Status: Complete

Budget: $200,000

Type: Student Dormitory

People Impacted: 180 students per year

Project Manager: Steve Upton

The Project:
A new dormitory allows Flying Kites to provide a safe and nurturing home environment to students who would otherwise have nowhere to turn.  As residents of the boarding school, primary school aged students will have access to a holistic and supportive environment both in and outside of school.

They track students progress individually through self-assessments administered at the beginning and end of every term, in addition to utilizing data from exam scores, report cards, teacher and mentor feedback, and on-going evaluations that monitor students’ evolving knowledge and attitudes on finance, reproductive health, self-efficacy, and personal responsibility.  Currently, their team uses the Casey Life Skills assessment tools, adapted for cultural relevance.

Communities Served:
Flying Kites ignites the potential of orphaned and critically-poor Kenyan children; they make long-term investments in time, care and resources to ensure profound impact in the lives of young people with great promise. The new building will accommodate 25-35 female students from the ages of 1-14 years.

Flying Kites is already elevating the standards of care and education in the Kinangop region of Kenya and their school is consistently ranked among the top schools in the district. They currently serve over 80 students across three programs and employ 27 local staff. Their long-term vision seeks to position Flying Kites at the forefront of Kenya’s education sector nationwide, a space in need of critical innovation. Their plans for growth include facilities expansion and a capital campaign to double the impact.  Their newly expanded Primary School will transition from one that is competitive on a district-level to one that is competitive on the national and international stage.  In addition to increasing enrollment at the school in the next five years, they aim to expand the LaunchPad Program to be able to provide scholarships, internships, vocational training, and college counseling to more secondary students.